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Unmanaged stress is the leading cause of draining your energy (your ultimate power) to get the results you want in your life and business.
Gold Standard Course
Manage stress and win back your energy to level up, serve more value to others, move the needle, impact & profit, all while enjoying your life and work.
Stress Mastery
Manage stress and direct your energy to:
  • ​focus and get the results you are after
  • ​level up and succeed more quickly
  • ​sustain success for long term impact and profit
  • ​feel free, grateful, in love with life, and empowered
  • stay healthy (emotionally, mentally, and physically)
  • ​relate (influence) to get along in relationships to better serve value to yourself and others
  • ​experience fulfilling levels of scalable, sustainable growth
Have The Energy You Need
"The better you are at managing your stress and energy, the better you will be at accomplishing the goals you have set for yourself." - Jim Rohn
How Much Time To Complete The Course?
Fit it into your schedule. Go at your own pace. Most people take six hours to complete all three modules.  

For best results, plan to set aside at least two hours per week over the next three weeks to complete the Stress Mastery Course modules.
 Module 1
  • ​Everyone knows when they were born.  The high performers discover their strengths to move the needle
  • ​​Play to your strengths to level up your attainment, creativity, and assertiveness
  • ​Take control of your health, dreams, business, and relationships
Unleash The Best Version of You
This course module begins with Key #1, “Unleash the Best Version of Yourself,” making it simple to manage stress and anxiety and prevent them from holding you back.
Module 2
  • See why pressures are causing you stress 
  • ​Identify what stress is holding you back from the life you want
  • ​​Know what stress can serve as a spice in your life to get you going
Know Why You're Stressed
Module 2 of the three-module course makes it simple for you to see why pressures are causing you stress. Here is where we unpack Key #2, "Know Why You're So Stressed & Anxious."
 Module 3
  • Reduce stress before it reduces you
  • ​​Learn to better adjust to pressures that cause stress to reduce stress's harmful impact on your life and work
  • ​Manage stress to grow or rebuild your health, wealth, and relationships
Manage & Reduce Stress Before It Manages & Reduces You
Module 3 of the three-module course makes it easy to use best practices to manage and reduce stress and anxiety. Use Key #3, so you can "Manage & Reduce Stress Before It Manages & Reduces You."

Entrepreneurs win back their energy! This energy (ultimate power) is a must-have to:

Out-Innovate & Out-Create

Get their ideas to market faster

Creatively fund their adventure

Influence their teams to impact performance

Scale and sustain their business

Manage their startup organization to exceed

Elevate their voice in their sphere of influence

Stand-Out as a chapter ahead of their rivals

We Will Write "Your Strength Story"
How would you like to see a chapter about you showing up at your best?

​The millions of entrepreneurs we have written their story for will tell you: "Everyone knows when they were born. The high performers discover their strengths to move the needle."
We Will Write "Your Strength Story"
Our Industry-leading experts will write your chapter for you.

The story of Your Strengths is a must-have in your life and work to impact and profit in whatever is important to you.
Advance Your Personal Journey 
  • Exchange ideas, tips, tricks, and epiphanies to keep stress under control to stay in control.
  • ​Connect with a group of people who share common values, goals, and beliefs. 
  • ​Receive live group coaching to help you develop a better approach to “show up” at your best as your organization faces new pressures and challenges that cause stress.
For Continual Growth
Private Facebook Group
This closed, exclusive Facebook group is your way to instantly plug into a network of creative and innovative people who continually level up their lives and work
We Will Write "Your Story To Manage Stress"
  • Keep stress and anxiety from jacking up your energy, job, business, relationships, health, finances, happiness, freedom, and love for life
  • ​Manage stress so you can realize and enjoy your business seeding, startup, launch, growth, expansion, sustainment, succession, exits, or whatever you desire
We will write "Your Story To Manage Stress"
See where you are adjusting to pressures that are limiting the results you want. Gain the clarity you need on why you are going through life motions and living on autopilot, losing energy, and getting stuck, spinning your wheels, or in doubt and division.

As Peter Drucker puts it: You can't manage what you can't measure. Let our experts put the science and rigor into measuring each area of stress so you can untangle from stress and live the life you desire.

Here's A Recap of
EVERYTHING You'll Get Inside The 3 Module 
Stress Mastery Course

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  • Unleash The Best Version Of You - Module 1 ($197 Value)
  •  Know Why You're So Stressed & Anxious - Module 2 ($197 Value)
  •  Manage & Reduce Stress Before It Manages & Reduces You - Module 3 ($197 Value)
  • Amazing Bonus - The Best Version of You ($157 Value)
  • Amazing Bonus - Private Facebook Group ($90 Value)
  • Amazing Bonus - Your Private Strress Analysis ($157 Value)

Total Value: $995/Year


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