Module 2

Unidentified and unmanaged stress limits your ability to grow your dreams, business, health, and relationships

Here's What You'll Get
Module 2 of the three-module course makes it simple for you to see why pressures are causing you stress. Here is where we unpack Key #2, "Know Why You're So Stressed & Anxious."
✓ Within five-to-ten-minutes, ProScan® Survey instrument identifies and measures the intensities of the multiple pressures and demands you’re facing, causing you both good and bad stress. Do away with the old-school trial and error of only adding more stress to yourself, where you’re bombarded with questions or forced to sit down with pen and paper only to fail again at breaking down the problems that are causing you stress.

✓ Speed up determining the sources of stress by precisely identifying the people and circumstances causing the pressure. Leverage the instrument to make the complicated simple and timely. The sources of stress are many: coming from work, family, social life, economic factors, health, and beliefs – you can get to the source faster and with high accuracy so that you can immediately begin managing and reducing the limitations of stress that are holding you back from the life you want.

✓ See why your energy is being drained, not just generally, but specifically – emotionally, mentally, and physically.

✓ Understand why you currently experience the level of satisfaction you have right now, be it high, medium, or low. Quickly course correct to experience the achievement and fulfillment you want in both life and work.

✓ See where the measures and intensities of stress can grow and destroy you. Gain focus and clarity for scalable and sustainable growth. Management thinker Peter Drucker shares with us: "you can't manage what you can't measure." Now you can precisely measure each area of stress's intensities in seconds, so you can manage it and have the energy you need to grow and scale your life and business.

✓ Identify what external pressures are compressing or boxing you in, and thus preventing you from performing at your best to realize the best.

✓ Recognize where pressures are misdirecting your resources and stretching you outside of your sweet spot.

✓ Confirm what pressures inhibit your ability to think best, choose best, and act best to experience what you desire.
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