Module 1

Move the needle by being your most efficient, effective, and productive self

Here’s What You'll Get
This course module begins with Key #1, “Unleash the Best Version of Yourself,” making it simple to manage stress and anxiety and prevent them from holding you back.
✓ Discover your unique strengths in relating to others – better relate (influence and inspire) to get along and continue to serve high value to yourself and others.

✓ Gain clarity of your unique strengths in performing, moving the needle, and leveling up – better create wealth (sustain long-term impact and profit in life and work).

✓ Discover your unique strengths to be the best version of you – better maintain health (emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually).

✓ Live as the best version of yourself to keep stress and anxiety from jacking up your energy, job, business, relationships, health, finances, happiness, freedom, and love for life.

✓ Conquer your business seeding, startup, launch, growth, expansion, sustainment, succession, exits, or whatever you desire. Do it better by being your authentic self (most efficient, effective, and productive) to perform extraordinarily with tasks, goals, projects, and activities vital to life and work. Enjoy a healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, passionate, and purposeful life – whether that means learning, achieving in business, reigniting relationships, or having more confidence in creating your life.
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